People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/326/1 (H.C. Reg., no. 116)

William son of Michael of Kirkconnell [grants] to Holm Cultram Abbey half of all the land between ‘Polleychos’ and ‘Grenesiche’, from ‘Polleroth’ to the River Nith and half the moss in the land of Kirkconnell (KCB) within stated bounds.
Firm date
2 September 1235 X 1253
Dating Notes
Consecration × death of Gilbert, bishop of Whithorn
Source for Data Entry
Holm Cultram Register, no. 116 (English calendar)
Trad. ID
H.C. Reg., no. 116
Calendar number
Charter type
Entered from an English summary

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