People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/25/3 (TNA, C 53/44, m. 14)

King John to Durham Cathedral Priory, confirming their possessions, including the church of Norham, the villa of ‘Schoreswrth’, beyond the River Tweed, Coldingham (BWK), with its church and pertinents, i.e., Old Cambus (BWK), with the church, Lumsdaine (BWK), Renton (BWK), and Greenwood (BWK), and the two Restons (BWK), ‘Aldegrave’, Swinewood (BWK), and the two Aytons (BWK), with the mills and port, and Prenderguest (BWK) with the mill, Edrom (BWK) and its church, with all its chapels, and the two Swintons (BWK), with the church, the two Lambertons (BWK), with the church, the church of Berwick, with its pertinents, Fishwick (BWK), with the church, Paxton (BWK), Nesbit (BWK), with the mill, the church of Ednam (ROX), with the chapel of Stichill (ROX) and its pertinents, and moreover, all that they possess in Lothian, by will of the monks of St Cuthbert, to be disposed of as the charter of Edgar, king of Scots, attests, as well as all that the kings of England or Scotland and the bishops of Durham, have given or granted to them, in perpetual alms.
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2 February 1204
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2nd day of February, 5th regnal year.
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TNA, C 53/44 (Charter, 36 Hen. III), m. 14.(inspection by Henry III, 10 May 1253)
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TNA, C 53/44, m. 14
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