People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/198/1 (Atholl Charters, no. 6)

Gilbert of ‘Dondowan’, son of the late Gilbert son of Donald, has given, granted and by this his present charter established, to William of Moray son of Sir Malcolm of Moray, all his land of ‘Dondowan’ (Easter Downhill, Glendevon parish, PER), at feuferme with all liberties and easements pertaining to the said land, as freely as he holds the land of the lord earl of Strathearn, for an annual render of 20s, half at Martinmas and half at Pentecost, for all secular service, custom, exaction and demand. William and his heirs or assignees shall be free and quit from all suit of court, reliefs, wards and aids. If it happens that William or his heirs or assignees lawfully obtain the whole holding of ‘Dondowan’, he shall pay Gilbert 40s annually, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas. He submits himself to the jurisdiction of the dean and official of Dunblane. Because his seal is not authentic, he has caused the seals of Sirs Christian de l’Isle, burgess of Perth and at that time sheriff, Master Thomas, then dean of Dunblane, Nicholas, then rector of the church of Crieff, William of Fordell, then judex of the lord king of Perth, to be appended, along with his own.
Firm date
circa 1270 X circa 1290
Probable date
perhaps circa 1284×
Dating Notes
Christian de l’Isle as sheriff of Perth points to circa 1270s; Master Thomas as dean of Dunblane suggests 1270s or 1280s. Barrow dates this to ca. 1284×90 (_Kingdom of the Scots_, 64).
Source for Data Entry
Blair Castle, Duke of Atholl Charters, Box 3, Parcel IV, no. 1 or ‘Athole Charters’ notebook, no. 6
Trad. ID
Atholl Charters, no. 6
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Blair Castle, Duke of Atholl Charters, Box 3, Parcel IV, no. 1 or ‘Athole Charters’ notebook, no. 6 Calendared at HMC Seventh Report, App., ‘Athole Charters’, no. 8

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
circa 1270 X circa 1290 ‘Dondowan’ (Easter Downhill, PER) Gilbert of Downhill (Dondowan), son of Gilbert Unknown, earl of Strathearn