People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/70/2 (SHS Misc. xiii, no. 7)

Alexander ‘of’ Bard, knight, lord of ‘Edlemyston’ (in Strathaven, LAN), has given, granted and established by his present charter, to Nicholas of Baird, his son and to his heirs, all the ploughgate of land of Kirkwood, by stated bounds, at feuferme for an annual render of 6d on Pentecost for all forinsec service, custom, exaction and demand, for suit of court and the king’s aids or other escheats, and for ward and relief. If he has heirs, male or female, they shall inherit without impediment from Alexander. He grants that to Nicholas that if any of his men or women are impleaded in his court, their forfeitures will remain with Nicholas, and if Nicholas or his heirs are impleaded, they will pay 12d for each forfeiture. Moreover, he wills and grants that Nicholas will possess a free court of Wrang and Unlaw, with forfeits and escheats. And he wills and grants that Nicholas will grind his grain in Alexander’s mills, free of multure, if they have no mill of their own.
Firm date
circa 1261 X 1268
Dating Notes
Hugh of Berkeley × death of David of Lindsey
Source for Data Entry
Scott, ‘Eight Thirteenth-Century Texts’, SHS Misc. XIII, no. 7
Trad. ID
SHS Misc. xiii, no. 7
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NLS, Acc. 4332 SHS Miscellany XIII, 11-16

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
circa 1261 X 1268 Son of Alexander Baird, knight, lord of Edlemyston (Familial relationship) Nicholas Baird, son of Alexander Baird Alexander Baird, knight, lord of Edlemyston