People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/104/1 (Balm. Lib., no. 48)

William, son and heir of Aeldred of Bruckley, from his pure wish, has given, granted, and established by his present writing, to Balmerino Abbey that old road through his land of Bruckley (in Leuchars ph., FIF), which they were accustomed to use with wagons and other carriages for getting to the quarry of Nydie (FIF), in perpetuity. And if it happens that any of their wagons or carriages is drawn off the moor to the ford of Bruckley because of an impediment to crossing, he grants that their animals may be disconnected from the carriages in order to eat, and if necessary to spend the night.
Firm date
1240 X
Probable date
1240 × late 13th century; poss. 1240s
Dating Notes
Balm. Lib., no. 46 × late thirteenth century; Sir John of Kinnear.
Source for Data Entry
Balmerino Liber, no. 48.
Trad. ID
Balm. Lib., no. 48
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1240 X Dominus (Lord/Sir) John of Kinnear, knight (I)
1240 X knight John of Kinnear, knight (I)
1240 X marischal of Seggie Adam, marischal of Seggie

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1240 X Land of Bruckley (FIF) William, son of Aldred of Bruckley