People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/38/12 (APS, i, 99-100 )

An inquest was made at the sheriff court of Alexander de Montfort by Ewen, thane of ‘Rothen’ (‘Rathenec’, MOR) , Dubgall thane of ‘Molen’ , Thomas Wiseman, grieve of Elgin, Andrew of Inverlochty, James of Birnie, Hugh Heroc, burgess of Elgin, Richard Brun of Elgin, Hostyn Grontbachelor of Elgin, Robert Diker of Elgin, Andrew Wysy (Wishey) of Elgin, Walter of Alves, Andrew son of ‘Levyn’, over the garden of the lord king and the land pertaining to that garden, which Robert Spinc of Elgin claims to hold hereditarily of the king, by reason of his wife Margaret, whose ancestors enjoyed the same their whole life, and died vested in feu and heritage in the same land, saving the fruits of the garden to the king, and finding potherbs and mallows for the king’s kitchen, while he stayed in Elgin Castle. And if the king chanced to keep a goshawk or girfalcon there, Margaret’s ancestors received a penny a day for the goshawk’s food, and 2d a day for the girfalcon’s food, and one chalder of oatmeal yearly, for the custody of the birds. For which reason the garden and land the said Margaret and her heirs as of feu and heritage by the assise of the land. No other service is exacted from them for the garden and the land.
Firm date
27 August 1261
Dating Notes
Saturday before the Decollation of John the Baptist, 1261.
Source for Data Entry
APS, i, 99-100
Trad. ID
APS, i, 99-100
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS, RH 5/43; Formerly TNA, C 47/22/9/5. King Alexander III’s brieve is dated 13 Aug. 1261, at ‘Rathenec’ (1/8/32).

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
27 Aug. 1261 Inquest concerning king's garden and land pertaining to it in Elgin yes