People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/15/9 (Moray Reg., no. 85)

Agreement between (i) Andrew, bishop of Moray, and (ii) Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith, with the consent of the chapter of Moray, over certain portions of land that the bishop said pertained to a half davoch of the church of Kincardine (in modern parish of Duthil and Rothiemurcus, INV) and thus belonged to the episcopal mensa, and over the teinds of cain owed to the lord king from the land of Kincardine. The earl will hold at feuferme from the bishop in perpetuity the half davoch of land at Kincardine, by its right bounds, with all its just pertinents, with an annual render for the aforesaid teinds of cain of 34s. 8d. for all service, exaction, custom and secular demand pertaining to the bishop, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas, and making forinsec service to the lord king, saving the toft and croft accountable to the rector of the church, on penalty of 10 marks to the fabric of the cathedral church.
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Moray Registrum, no. 85
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Moray Reg., no. 85
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