People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/15/6 (Moray Reg., no. 30)

An agreement between (i) Andrew, bishop of Moray and the church of Moray, and (ii) David son of Duncan (II) late earl of Fife, over the advowson of the churches of Strathbogie (ABD) and the lands belonging to them. The bishop, with the consent of his chapter, has quitclaimed in perpetuity to David the advowsons of the churches of Essie (ABD) and Glass (ABD) with two half davochs of land next to those churches, and two half davochs which the bishop had claimed belonged to those churches, namely, a half davoch at Drumbulg (ABD) and another half davoch at ‘Cumery’, which four half davochs of land the bishop with the consent of his chapter quitclaimed to David as a lay feu. David quitclaimed and granted in perpetuity to the bishop the advowson of all the churches in his feu of Strathbogie, and all the lands pertaining to them, by their right bounds and with all their just pertinents, namely, a half davoch at Rhynie (ABD), a half davoch at Kinnoir (ABD), a half davoch at Dunbennan (ABD), a half davoch at Botary (ABD), a half davoch at Ruthven (ABD) and a half davoch at Drumdelgie (ABD), in free, pure and perpetual alms, saving to the bishop the question that the bishop raised over ‘Petynlurg’ and 18 acres next to the church of Edendiack (ABD).
Firm date
18 March 1227
Dating Notes
1226, 15 kal. Apr.
Place date (modern)
Elgin Cathedral
Place date (document)
ecclesia cathedrali de Elgyn
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Elgin Cathedral
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Moray Registrum, no. 30
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Moray Reg., no. 30
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