People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/16/13 (Glas. Reg., no. 203)

An agreement is formed between Sir William, bishop of Glasgow, and the chaplains of the chapel of Orbiston (LAN) on one side and Nobleman Sir Walter of Moray on the other, over the lands of Orbiston which the bishop and chaplain claim was collated to God, Blessed Catherine and the chaplains by the ancestors of the said Walter for the maintenance of the chaplains celebrating mass in the same chapel for the welfare of their souls; the same Sir Walter asserting this collation to be invalid. The said Sir Walter and his heirs shall hold at ferme the villa of Orbiston of God, Blessed Catherine and two of the chaplains, one celebrating mass for the dead in the chapel of Orbiston and the other in the great Church of Glasgow for the souls of Sirs Walter and David Oliphant, and their ancestors and successors, free and quit, just as they held it; rendering 9 marks at Orbiston to the chaplain there, and to the chaplain serving in the church of Glasgow, 100s. at Glasgow, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas. Nothing shall be done against this ferme by those in the feu of Bothwell (LAN) as long as Sir Walter and his heirs shall pay the chaplains; if the bishop shall consent, rents shall be assigned. The said Sir [Walter] shall have, hold and possess the said land of Orbiston just as his ancestors did before him. The chaplains serving the chapel there shall have a house and garden next to the chapel and pasture for one horse; the said noble had granted that if he or his heirs are tempted to go against this, the bishop of Glasgow shall have the institution of the chaplains and all manner or ordinations without requiring Sir Walter’s consent. The said noble has made confirmation of the lord king concerning this convention to the bishop and chaplain. His guarantors are Sir William of Douglas, Mark de Balliol, William of Cleveland, Stephen Magnum, Richard Pettigrew and Walter Scott, who all promised an oath that this would be held. He also renounced all instruments obtained concerning this.
Firm date
1 April 1253
Dating Notes
1253, kal. Apr.
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Glasgow Registrum, i, no. 203
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Glas. Reg., no. 203
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Date Short Summary Subject Object
1 Apr. 1253 Ancestor of Walter Murray, knight (TRA3) (Familial relationship) Ancestors of Walter Murray Walter Murray, knight (TRA3)