People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/20/14 (St A. Lib., 396-7)

Agreement between (i) Prior John and the convent of May, and (ii) Malcolm (de la Haye), the king's butler. Prior John and the convent, by the authority of the saints of May, have granted that every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday should be celebrated at the chapel of ‘Ricardeston’ (PER) by the chaplain of Rhynd (PER), or by another, and on the feasts of precept, namely, on Christmas Day and the three days following, the Purification, Easter, the Ascension, Pentecost, the Assumption, the Nativity (of the BVM), and on All Saints. And that in that place blessed bread may be handed out there by the men of the villa, and the women of the same villa may be purified there, and confession may be made, but silver should be paid towards the wax in the mother church of Rhynd, and communion on Easter will be received at Rhynd. However, Malcolm and his heirs with his ‘womb’-family may receive communion in either the chapel or the mother church. Moreover, they have granted to Malcolm that they may have a chaplain in the chapel, who will make fealty to the mother church of Rhynd. The prior and convent have granted all of this to Malcolm, saving the right and indemnity of the mother church of Rhynd. Moreover, Malcolm established by this present script the donation that his father gave to the same chapel in augmentation, namely of 4 acres of land in pure and perpetual alms.
Firm date
11 April 1206 X 1209
Dating Notes
Last attestation of Reimbald abbot of Scone × death of Ranulf de Wat archdeacon of St Andrews.
Source for Data Entry
St Andrews Liber, 396-7
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St A. Lib., 396-7
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