People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/12/3 (St A. Lib., 329)

Agreement between (i) Thomas, prior of St Andrews and the convent, and (ii) Gellin, son of Gillecrist Mac Cussegerri; Gellin has quitclaimed to St Andrews Priory the land of Scoonie (FIF) with everything that goes with it, which he had from them in exchange for the land of 'Gariad' (in St Andrews, St Leonards parish, FIF), and has restored to them the same land which he had accepted in exchange, and has disclaimed every right that he had in both lands, and which he will warrant to them. The Canons have granted that he may carry Morbrac [the ‘great speckled’ reliquary], just as Gillemuir carried it before, and he shall have from them food and clothing just as Gillemuir did; and the canons shall yearly give him, during his lifetime, one chalder of oatmeal.
Firm date
1199 X 1209
Dating Notes
Thomas as prior × death of Ranulf the archdeacon.
Source for Data Entry
St Andrews Liber, 329
Trad. ID
St A. Lib., 329
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