People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/8/9 (St A. Lib., 323)

An between Prior Walter and the convent of St Andrews and Abbot Hugh and the convent of Newbattle, that the monks of Newbattle shall have the teinds of Bearford (ELO), Cresswell and Prora (ELO) free, quiet and exempt from all demands in perpetuity, rendering yearly to the convent of St Andrews 2 marks of silver, one mark at Pentecost and one at Martinmas. If the monks of Newbattle were holding any land besides that which was obtained at the time the agreement was made in the parish of Haddington, they shall pay the teinds in full to the canons.
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St Andrews Liber, 323
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St A. Lib., 323
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1195 Teinds of Bearford (ELO), Cresswell and Prora (ELO) Newbattle Abbey (fd.1140)