People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/19/7 (Arb. Lib., nos. 247, 311)

An agreement is formed between the abbot and convent of Arbroath and Nobleman Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, whereby the abbot and convent have given and granted to Sir Alexander at feuferme all the following lands: ‘Douenaldston’, Drumsleed, ‘Kulbak’ (now Newlands), Monboddo, Glenfarquhar, ‘Fafdauach’ (Phesdo) and half of Tipperty and two parts of Kinkell and Pittengardner (all in Fordoun parish, KCD), as in the tenor of the charter of Sir John Wishart, which he has from the said abbot and convent of Arbroath concerning the land of Balfeith (KCD), saving his legal right, by their rights bounds, with all their just pertinents, saving to the abbot and convent all regalities which they have in the same land, for an annual render of 20 marks, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas, deferring their own expenses and payments within the abbacy of Arbroath within the 20 days from the first day of either terminal (i.e., Pentecost or Martinmas) and for the answering of the forinsec service of the lord king, as much as pertains to the aforesaid lands, and the supplying by him and his heirs to the abbot and convent faithful ‘consilium patrocinium’ [patronage counsel?] and the defense of their rights and liberties, and especially of the lands named above.
Firm date
10 November 1265
Dating Notes
On the feast of St Martin in Hyeme, 1265
Source for Data Entry
Arbroath Liber, i, nos. 247, 311
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Arb. Lib., nos. 247, 311
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