People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/16 (Pais. Reg., 384-5)

An agreement is formed between Alexander, son of the late Richard the messenger of Glasgow, and Gilbert, called ‘of the chamber of the lord R[obert] bishop of Glasgow’; whereby Gilbert gave and hereditarily infefted to Alexader in pure exchange his burgage which the lord bishop gave or donated to him for his service, between the burgage of Robert, the vicar at that time, on the south side, and the burgage of the late Richard, called ‘Borwman’ on the north side, for his (Alexander’s) burgage, which was formerly the burgage of the late Christina Brian, which lay between the land of Alexander son of Richard, former constable of Glasgow, on the west side, and the royal road on the east side, saving rents, services and aids owed to the bishop.
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AD 1283
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Paisley Registrum, 384-5
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Pais. Reg., 384-5
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