People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/15/2 (SEA, i, no. 114)

An agreement was made between Sir R[ichard], bishop of Moray, and Duncan (II), earl of Fife, whereby the earl and his heirs will hold from the bishop their lands in Strath Avon (BNF), half davochs, during the bishop’s life, ‘Inveraldem’, ‘Duninbride’, ‘Letheni’, ‘Michel’, ‘Nevechincrist’, ‘Tulachtarum’, ‘Donenald’, ‘Kyref’, ‘Martin’, ‘Fithelmore’, ‘Abberbrandolthin’, ‘Brenin’, ‘Daskinnuchel’ with all their correct bounds, rendering annually to the bishop 2s. for each [half?] davoch, half at Pentecost and half at Martinmas. The earl and his heirs will hold from the bishop during his lifetime two half davochs at Inveravon (BNF) after the death of Brice, the persona, rendering annually 4s. at those times. The earl and his heirs will hold from the bishop during his life Advie (MOR) with all its correct bounds, rendering annually 40 stones of cheese at Martinmas. The bishop will withdraw at will his men who were present in that land on the day of the agreement, but other men who are native to those lands whom the bishop did not uproot, the earl will acquire to inhabit those lands, with the advice and help of the bishop. The earl and his heirs will hold the full court of the bishop in those lands and fully perform the forinsec service of the king from those lands.
Firm date
1194 X 15 January 1200
Dating Notes
Election of Arnold, abbot of Coupar Angus × election of his successor
Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 114
Trad. ID
SEA, i, no. 114
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1194 X 15 Jan. 1200 Half-davochs in Strathavon (BNF) Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204) Richard of Lincoln, bishop of Moray (d.1203)