People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/33/16 (St A. Lib., 162-63)

David, bishop of St Andrews, makes known that a lawsuit was moved before him between (i) St Andrews Priory, and (ii) John, the son and heir of Duncan of Inchyra, over the land of Rossie and the advowson of the church of Rossie. The parties freely submitted themselves to his judgment, both sides binding themselves by a financial pledge of security that they would not reject his judgment. Bishop David has inspected the documents of the parties and examined the witnesses on both sides; and since, by the witnesses produced from the canons’ side, namely, Peter, abbot of Cambuskenneth, John of Methil, knight, John Ka, canon of St Andrews, and Ralph, vicar of Crail, it was evident that at another time, when a dispute had arisen between Duncan of Inchyra and the canons of St Andrews over the same land and advowson, the parties to the suit, submitting to the judgment of William, Bishop David’s predecessor, entrusted the whole business by the giving of a pledge, binding themselves to observe Bishop William’s judgment; who decreed (although the judgement was not copied into a charter) that the land of Rossie should remain in the hands of Duncan and his heirs, giving back to the canons one measure of wine or one mark of silver yearly; and the advowson of the church of Rossie should remain in the hands of the canons of St Andrews for ever. Abiding by Bishop William’s judgment, whose discernment and diligence he has trusted, Bishop David has decreed that the advowson of the church of Rossie should remain for ever in the hands of the canons of St Andrews without any challenge; and that John and his heirs should hold and possess in perpetuity the land of Rossie from the canons, freely and quietly, yearly giving back to them one measure of wine, or one mark of silver, in return for every service and payment which goes with it.
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25 December 1240
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1240, on the Incarnation of the Lord [i.e. Christmas Day]
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St Andrews Liber, 162-63
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St A. Lib., 162-63
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