People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/32/85 (St A. Lib., 332-3)

J[ohn], abbot of Lindores, the prior of May and the prior of Lindores, papal judges-delegate, settle the controversy argued before them in 1242, between (i) Prior John and the convent of St Andrews, and (ii) Duncan, earl of Mar, over the lands belonging to their churches of Tarland (ABD), and of Migvie (ABD), and over the second teinds of the whole of the said earl’s rent from the whole of his land, bestowed from the gift of the late earl, Morgan, and established by his charter, to wit, of cain, of hides, of wheat, cheese, flour, malt, of fatted beasts [de martis], of mutton, of pork, and of his venison with meat and hides, of pleas and reliefs, both in cash as well as in the other procurements. The prior and convent remitted and quitclaimed all the afore-named teinds to the said Duncan, earl of Mar, and his heirs, and they equally discharged their loan, on condition that the lands and teinds of their churches of Tarland and Migvie, which they hold and possess from the gift of the said Earl Morgan, by this agreement shall not be disturbed or threatened at any time. Earl Duncan and his heirs, in repayment of the said remission, quitclaim and discharge, done solemnly before Ralph, bishop of Aberdeen, would pay 10 marks yearly from his chamber, that is, 5 marks at Pentecost and 5 marks at Martinmas. Earl Duncan, before Ralph, bishop of Aberdeen, swore an oath on the gospel that he would submit himself to the jurisdiction of the said bishop so that the payment of 10 marks would be made.
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St Andrews Liber, 332-3
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St A. Lib., 332-3
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