People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/72/4 (Holy. Lib., no. 70)

Ingram de Balliol notes that in the controversy called between him and the abbot and convent of Holyrood in Edinburgh concerning their former tenure and the marches of the lands of their churches of ‘Kircostentin’ (St Constantine of Urr, KCB) and Kirkbride (St Brigid of Blaket in Nithsdale, DMF), they have made the following agreement: the said abbot and convent shall hold their land which pertains to their church of ‘Kircostentin’ by former tenure. They shall hold the land which belongs to their church of Kirkbride by those marches through which Ingram with his knights and good men, perambulated for Elias, abbot, and his canons by the stated marches, including up to the cross which is situated east of the part [of land] of Cloy mac Gilernanth. He wishes, grants, and by his present charter establishes, that the said abbot and convent of Holyrood shall hold the said churches with the lands in perpetuity of him and his heirs, in pure and perpetual alms.
Firm date
1227 X 1244
Dating Notes
Succession of Elias, abbot of Holyrood × death of Ingelram de Balliol
Source for Data Entry
Holyrood Liber, no. 70
Trad. ID
Holy. Lib., no. 70
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1227 X 1244 Churches of Urr and Kirkbride (KCB) with land Holyrood Abbey (fd.1128)
1227 X 1244 Land of Cloy mac Gilernanth Cloy mac Gilernanth