People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/131/32 (Newb. Reg., App., no. 28)

Pope Alexander III writes to Amfrid, abbot of Newbattle, and the brethren there, taking the monastery into his protection; all the possessions and goods which they have or may acquire by papal permission, by the liberality of kings or the gifts of the faithful, may remain with the abbot and his successors, including the place called ‘Rughalegh’ in which the abbey is situated; from the gift of King David of the Scots, Newbattle (MLO), with the neighbouring granges and their appendices, the grange of Moorfoot (MLO) and the salt-pan which is in ‘Blankeland’ with all its pertinents, as contained in the king’s script, common easement of the forest, pannage, bark and timber for building; from the gift of Malcolm, king of Scots, the land of Gocelin and the land of Robert the ironsmith, the grange of Drumpellier (LAN) in Clydesdale, and one toft in Edinburgh next to the southern gate, as the king’s script declares; from the gift of Bishop Herbert and grant of the chapter of Glasgow the land of Carmyle (LAN), as divided and established by his charter; from the gift of Robert, son of Geoffrey, the grange of Bearford (ELO) and the grange of Peffer (ELO) with pertinents, which pertain to a certain fief granted by Countess Ada; from the gift of Abbot Geoffrey one toft in Musselburgh (MLO); from the gift of Robert, son of Gurd [sic Guy], one peatary and the land which Philip de Vermelles gave with common pasture; from the gift of Edward, son of Peter of Restalrig, the land of Mount Lothian (MLO) and one toft in Leith (MLO) as his charter testifies; from the gift of William Bernive, one toft in Berwick, just as donated and established by the scripts of those donors. The abbey is exempt from tithes on new lands brought under cultivation by them or at their expense. They are also exempt from tithes on the offspring of their animals. He adds that the brothers or their servants of the monastery shall administer their fisheries, whether in the sea or the river, [and] no one may exact teinds from them. None of the brothers, after making their profession, shall be permitted to depart the cloister without the permission of the abbot. He directs also no archbishop or bishop shall forbid a person of that place from divine office unless he shall appear at fault; he permits the right to celebrate divine office privately and quietly during a general interdict and prohibits him to take any man who presumes to commit rape or violent crimes within the circuit of the houses of their granges and the church. In addition, he establishes all the liberties and immunities and regal customs indulged by David, late king of Scots, and he prohibits anyone from molesting the abbot’s men or his church in regard to all aids, gelds, ‘hydagiis’, Danegelds, assizes, murders, pleas, complaints, scutage, tolls, passage, pontage and all team and tallage and all occasions, customs and earthly service, and secular exaction, but the abbot may remain free and quit from all manner of exactions just as King David had established by his scripts. No bishop or any other secular person or any other person from another order shall impede the regular and canonical election of the abbot. They are permitted to take in whatever clerics or laymen have fled from the secular world and have converted freely, and to retain them without any contradiction. The pope directs that no man is permitted to disturb the church or carry away its possessions; saving the authority of the apostolic see. Should any secular person attempt to go against this, after three warnings if he should not make amends, he may lost his honour and be liable to divine justice, and subject himself to retribution.
Firm date
18 February 1175
Dating Notes
12 kal. Mar., 1174, pontifical year 16 (_Newbattle Registrum_ gives, in error, 12 kal. May)
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Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, App., no. 28
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., App., no. 28
Calendar number
Charter type
Papal privilege: general confirmation
Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD 40/1/85

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
18 Feb. 1175 Land of Jocelin Jocelin, cook (MLO)
18 Feb. 1175 Land of Robert the ironsmith Robert, the ironsmith, master