People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/144/58 (Cromartie, no. 521)

Pope Alexander IV, following on a representation and petition by the bishop and chapter of Ross, whereby the pope establishes what the bishop had done in prosecution of the powers conferred by Pope Gregory IX, his predecessor, on Robert, bishop of Ross, his predecessor, for improving the ancient prebends of the church of Ross and creating new ones, by allocating among them, in addition to the teinds of Rosemarkie (ROS) and Cromarty (ROS), the following under certain exceptions: to the deanery, the garbal teinds of Ardersier (INV) and Kilmuir-Wester (ROS); to the chantry, those of Kilmuir-Easter (ROS) and Tarradale (now Kilchrist, ROS); to the chancellery, those of Suddie (ROS) and Kinnettes (ROS); to the treasury, those of Urquhart (ROS) and Logiebride (Logie Wester, ROS); to the archdeaconry, those of Fodderty (ROS) and ‘Edirdore’ (Killearnan, ROS); to the sub-deanery, those of Tain (ROS) and Edderton (ROS); to the subchantry, the church of Loch Broom (ROS) and the garbal teinds of ‘Inveraferan’ (Urray, ROS); and to the bishop’s prebend, the garbal teinds of the churches of Nigg (ROS) and Tarbat (ROS); the garbal teinds of ‘Clone’ (poss. Cullicudden, ROS) and Lemlair (ROS) to one prebend; those of Rosskeen (ROS) and Newnakle (now Nonakiln, ROS) to another; those of Avoch (ROS) to the abbot of Kinloss’s prebend, when he should hold one in that church. The letters also establishes certain ordinances by the bishop relating to the appointment of the clergy in the churches within the diocese of Ross, the constitution of the church of Salisbury being taken as a model, and to the regular attendance of the canons and vicars at their respective churches, and the correction of any irregularities that might arise on the part of the clergy or their servants, the canons to be corrected by the bishop, the vicars by the dean or sub-dean, whom failing, or in the event of an appeal, by the bishop.
Firm date
11 June 1257
Dating Notes
3 id. June, pontifical year 3
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Cromartie, ii, no. 521
Trad. ID
Cromartie, no. 521
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Charter type
Papal privilege: general confirmation
NAS, GD 305/1/136/1

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Petition by the bishop and chapter of Ross no
unavailable Concession of improving prebends of church of Ross no
unavailable Ordinance relating to appointment of clergy in churches of Ross no
11 Jun. 1257 Confirmation of prebends established in diocese of Ross yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
11 Jun. 1257 pope Alexander IV, pope (d.1261)
11 Jun. 1257 bishop of Ross Robert, bishop of Ross (d.1271)
11 Jun. 1257 dean of Ross Unknown, dean of Ross
11 Jun. 1257 pope Gregory IX, pope (d.1241)
11 Jun. 1257 bishop of Ross Robert, bishop of Ross (d.1249)
11 Jun. 1257 abbot of Kinloss Richard, abbot of Kinloss (d.1274)

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
11 Jun. 1257 Prebend of Abbot of Kinloss Richard, abbot of Kinloss (d.1274)