People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/31 (Pais. Reg., 160-1)

Mael Domnaig, earl of Lennox, has recognised and granted to Paisley Abbey all the lands of Cochno (DNB), Edinbarnet (DNB), ‘Baccan’ (?DNB), Faifley (DNB), ‘Craguentalach’ [‘Cragintalach’], ‘Dumcreve’ [‘Drumerene’] and Dalmonach (DNB), by their right bounds, in all their easements; he solemnly grants and recognises it to be and to have been by right and by property their church of (Old) Kilpatrick (DNB), as his ancestors offered and bestowed to God and St Patrick in olden times, free and quit from any temporal exaction, whereas he wishes that the aforenamed lands of their church of (Old) Kilpatrick to be held in pure and perpetual alms. He also wills that if any instrument should be discovered at any time or place that is against this recognition and grant, that they should make mention.
Firm date
3 March 1239
Dating Notes
3rd day of March, AD 1238
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Source for Data Entry
Paisley Registrum, 160-1
Trad. ID
Pais. Reg., 160-1
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
3 Mar. 1239 Church of Old Kilpatrick (DNB) Paisley Abbey (fd.1169)