People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/21/64 (Neville, Strathearn, Add. Chrs., no. 8)

Fergus, son of Earl Gilbert, has given, granted, and established by his charter, to Lindores Abbey Feddal (PER) which is in ‘Katermothel’ [in exchange] for the teinds that they were wont to have annually of his cain and renders in Strathearn and in Meikleour (PER) by gift of Sir Malise, his paternal uncle, in free, pure and perpetual alms, by its right bounds and with all its pertinents and with communal easements and liberty to take material from his wood, for building and keeping up necessary and reasonable buildings in the aforesaid land, and for those things pertaining to agriculture. He will make it free of military service, aids and all service and exaction, as regards clerics as well as laymen. The monks have quitclaimed all the teinds which they were wont to receive by gift of his uncle Malise, and they have resigned the charters which they had from him.
Firm date
1223 X 7 April 1239
Probable date
perhaps 1223 × 1234
Dating Notes
Death of Earl Gilbert of Strathearn × comital confirmation (_Lind. Cart._, no. 25).
Source for Data Entry
Neville, Charters of the Earls of Strathearn, Add. Chrs., no. 8.
Trad. ID
Neville, Strathearn, Add. Chrs., no. 8
Calendar number
Charter type
Lindores Cartulary, no. 24

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