People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/21/55 (Neville, Strathearn, no. 66)

Malise, earl of Strathearn, has given, granted, and established by his charter, to Inchaffray Abbey, in free, pure and perpetual alms, (in exchange) for the resignation and quitclaim which the abbot and convent made to him and his heirs in perpetuity, of the right to the augmentation and increase in the earl’s second teinds from the year 1247, 20 marks annually from the thanage of Dunning (PER) and from Pitcairns (PER), at three yearly terminals, namely, at Pentecost, three marks from Dunning, and five marks from Pitcairns, and on the feast of St Peter which is called ad vincula, four marks from the thanage of Dunning, and on Martinmas, three marks from Dunning and five marks from Pitcairns, as well as the 20 marks which the canons previously obtained from Dunning by gift of Malise, his late father of good memory, holding these in free-pure and perpetual alms.
Firm date
25 March 1283 X
Probable date
25 Mar. 1283 or soon thereafter
Dating Notes
This document is not dated but was probably written up the same day as the chirograph in _Inchaffray Chrs._, no. 113
Source for Data Entry
Neville, Acts of the Earls of Strathearn, no. 66
Trad. ID
Neville, Strathearn, no. 66
Calendar number
Charter type
Inchaffray Charters, no. 114 Inchaffray Liber, no. 14

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