People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/39 (Lennox, ii, no. 9)

Maldoven, earl of Lennox, makes it known that, when a dispute was moved at Whitsun [30 May] in A.D. 1248, between Sir Malcolm, his son and heir, and Sir David of Graham (because Malcolm had taken away a donation that Earl Maldoven had made to Sir David, established by charter, of a half-ploughgate of land at Strathblane whereon the church was built, called ‘Letarchore’ in Gaelic, with an annual render of 3 marks, and a certain other service); at length, by Earl Maldoven’s agreement, and by the arrangement of Sir William of Brechin, Sir Thomas, son of Randolph, Sir Aymer of Maxwell, and Sir John Blund, wherein Malcolm and David agreed to make peace and friendship at Stirling, at the king's colloquium on the feast of St Peter's Chains [1 August] in the same year, the dispute was put to rest there as follows. Sir David and his heirs would hold the land of Strathblane from Malcolm and his heirs in perpetuity by hereditary right, and for ever be quit of the payment of 3 marks, which Earl Maldoven had given on that same day to Malcolm, his son, with the aforesaid land of Strathblane, so that Malcolm could bestow it to Sir David in return for his homage; and Malcolm did this in the presence of Earl Maldoven and many others in the king's chamber in Stirling castle on that same day. When this had been done, Malcolm conferred to Sir David, by Earl Maldoven’s consent, full sasine of the said land, and of the aforesaid 3 marks. And Malcolm faithfully agreed with Sir David that he would draw up his charter for him concerning the said land, to be held by him and his heirs, etc., of Malcolm and his heirs as freely, etc., as he held them of Earl Maldoven by his charter, excepting the aforesaid 3 marks, which are contained in his charter conferred on Sir David. Neither Sir David, nor his heirs and assignees, from the aforesaid day onwards, should answer for, nor pay these 3 marks at all; instead they would be entirely quit of them, making another service instead to Malcolm and his heirs, contained in the charter that Earl Maldoven conferred on Sir David. Malcolm also granted and faithfully agreed, for himself and his heirs, that he would warrant, acquit and defend in perpetuity the said land of Strathblane against all men and women. All the aforesaid things were done on the aforesaid day, by Earl Maldoven’s agreement and free will. Wherefore Earl Maldoven wishes and grants that all the aforesaid things should remain fixed and firm in perpetuity. But since Malcolm did not draw up his charter concerning the said land of Strathblane for Sir David before his own death, as he had agreed, because he went the way of all flesh immediately after the aforesaid day; wishing the truth of the matter to be attested, Earl Maldoven swears that the speedy death of Malcolm prevented the drawing up of the charter, and nothing else.
Firm date
1 August 1248 X 27 December 1253
Probable date
probably early
Dating Notes
Shortly after the feast of St Peter ad vincula, AD 1248; × royal confirmation (1/8/21)
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Lennox, ii, no. 9
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Lennox, ii, no. 9
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Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD220/2/1/9 (formerly GD220/1/A/1/2/4).

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