People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/21/8 (Neville, Strathearn, no. 13)

Gilbert, earl of Strathearn, has given and granted, and established by his charter, to Inchaffray Priory, in pure and perpetual alms, the teinds of all his rents and his cains in wheat, meal, malt, cheese, flash and beasts, of all his hunting, of fowl and fish, and of all things used as food and drink in his household, as well as victuals for an officer of the priory, placed in the earl’s court, to collect the aforesaid teinds, as if he were one of the earl’s servants, licence to fish and to hawk (aucupandi) throughout all his lands, waters and lochs, and to take timber from his woods. Moreover, he has granted, and established by his charter, that neither he nor his heirs will grant (conferemus) or demit at ferme and lands or possessions without securing the rights that the canons would have had in those lands. If anyone attempts to prevent the canons from exacting their claims by producing a charter, such charter is to be nullified.
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Dating Notes
AD 1200
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Neville, Charters of the Earls of Strathearn, no. 13
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Neville, Strathearn, no. 13
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Inchaffray Charters, no. 17 Inchaffray Liber, no. 5

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