People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/33/1 (Duncan & Brown, PSAS 90, App. IV)

Ewen the knight, son of Duncan of Argyll, has given, granted, and established by his present charter, to the church of Argyll and William, bishop of Argyll, 14 pennylands nummatas) of land in Lismore (ARG), namely, ‘Barmaray’ and two pennylands of Achinduin (ARG) with ‘oblato’ and 5 pennylands of ‘Tyrchulen’ (ARG) and two pennylands of ‘Tyrknanen’ (ARG) with three ‘oblatis’ of land of ‘Tenga’ (ARG) and one pennyland of ‘Drumchulochir’ (ARG) and one pennyland of ‘Craganas’ (ARG) by their right bounds, in pure, free and perpetual alms. He also grants that the bishop and his successors will hold these lands with all their pertinents expressly as superior, in pure, free, perpetual alms, free and quit of all secular exaction and demand from cain and conveth feact slagad et ich (army services) and from all secular service, as freely, quietly, fully and honourably as any alms given, granted and established by charter in the kingdom of Scotland.
Firm date
22 May 1240
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AD 1240; 11 kals. June
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A.A.M. Duncan and A.L. Brown, ‘Argyll and the Isles in the Earlier Middle Ages’, PSAS 90 (1956-57), 219, App. IV
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Duncan & Brown, PSAS 90, App. IV
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There is a ‘Tyrlagan’ and a ‘Tyrfouir’ on the Blaeu map. Ewen was a member of the MacDougall kindred, lords of Lorn.

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