People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/28/35 (Glas. Reg., no. 167)

Helen, first-born daughter of the late Alan of Galloway, constable of Scotland, acknowledges that Alan of Galloway and others of her predecessors may have unjustly detained the villa of Eddleston (PEB), the right to which fully belongs to the church of Glasgow. She has quitclaimed and resigned for herself and her heirs the said villa of Eddleston with all its pertinents in perpetuity to Blessed Kentigern and the church of Glasgow and William, bishop of Glasgow, any right which she may have had in the same villa; she has sworn touching the Gospels that she will not act contrary to her quitclaim and resignation, nor will she injure or disturb the church of Glasgow over the feu of Eddleston.
Firm date
February 1234 X 21 March 1236
Dating Notes
Death of Alan of Galloway × resignation of Henry, prior of St Andrews
Source for Data Entry
Glasgow Registrum, i, no. 167
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Glas. Reg., no. 167
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