People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/15/98 (Cold. Cart., no. 35)

William son of Patrick of Hirsel has granted, and established by this present charter, to Coldstream Priory, all the common pasture of Thornydykes (BWK), for 40 mares and their offspring, until they are 3 years old, and for 80 beasts of labour (animalia), and for 80 pigs and 200 sheep, so that the sheep shall enjoy the common easement and pasture of Gordon (BWK) wherever they can reach it, holding in perpetuity, in pure and perpetual and free alms, free and quit of all exaction and demand and secular service, as the charter of Thomas of Gordon establishes and attests.
Firm date
1200 X 1225
Dating Notes
Henry, archdeacon of Dunkeld; at same time or after _Coldstream Cart._, no. 36.
Source for Data Entry
Coldstream Cartulary, no. 35
Trad. ID
Cold. Cart., no. 35
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