People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/7/56 (RRS, iii, no. 56)

King Alexander II for Inchaffray Priory (or Abbey); has granted gifts (specified) which Earl Gilbert of Strathearn, founder of the same church, gave to them.
Firm date
5 January, 1220 X 1221
Probable date
prob. 1221
Dating Notes
5th day of January, Earl Gilbert's charter × introduction of the plural of majesty; perhaps before Inchaffray became an abbey and in vacancy between Priors Elphin and Innocent
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Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, iii, no. 56
Trad. ID
RRS, iii, no. 56
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Document type notes
Formerly H1/7/53; Handlist, no. 10
This is a confirmation of Earl Gilbert's grand confirmation of the possessions of Inchaffray in 1219, shortly the priory became an abbey (in 1221). A prior or abbot of Inchaffray is conspicuously absent from the witness lists of both Earl Gilbert's and King Alexander's charters. This would suggest the period of vacancy between Prior Elphin's deprivation of the position and the appointment of Prior Innocent, both of which took place in '1220'.

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