People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/10/154 (King, IR 27)

William, bishop of St Andrews, for Coupar Angus Abbey; with assent of Alexander, king of Scots, has given church of Airlie (ANG) saving tenure of Robert Hay for his lifetime, rendering annually to chapter of Cîteaux £20 for procurations on fourth day General Chapter
Firm date
3 October 1219 X 8 May 1221
Dating Notes
Original gift by King Alexander (_SHR_ 10, 274-75; 3rd day of October [1219]) × confirmation by Pope Honorius III (_IR_ 27 (1976), 57; 8 id. May, pontifical year 5)
Source for Data Entry
P. King, 'Coupar Angus and Cîteaux', IR 27 (1976), 56-7
Trad. ID
King, IR 27
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