People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/7/49 (H.C. Reg., no. 137)

Walter, bishop of Glasgow, for Holm Cultram Abbey; has granted the place and chapel in Galloway called Kirkgunzeon (KCB), as in concession and confirmation of Jocelin, bishop of Glasgow. He further sets up by episcopal authority and grants his firm peace and protection.
Firm date
27 May 1222 X 1225
Dating Notes
Mandate of Pope Honorius III (_HC Reg._, no. 139A; 6 kal. June, pontifical year 6) × confirmation by dean and chapter of Glasgow (_HC Reg._, no. 138)
Source for Data Entry
Shead, Glasgow, no. 57
Trad. ID
H.C. Reg., no. 137
Calendar number
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