People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/40/3 (Holy. Lib., App. II, no. 13)

Matthew, dean of Sir Hugh, bishop of Dunkeld, presently in the villa of Megginch (PER), on St Nicholas’s Day in the same year that Earl Mael Coluim of Fife died, and there he saw and heard in his presence and that of Sir Stephen, lord of Megginch and a multitude of other men, whereby Walet, persona of Melginch renounced the parsonage of the church of that villa and resigned the church into the hands of Sir William, son of Nicholas, canon-sacrist of Holyrood, by key, lock and chalice of the church. M[atthew], dean, by the command of his bishop, immediately after the resignation was made to Sir William, he gave sasine of the church to Sir William, canon, just as the persona is invested in full possession of the same church by the authority of his lord bishop, and after the resignation was made and possession restored, he was called before the presence of the lord pope and placed under his protection so that no one is permitted to prejudice his rights to the church.
Firm date
6 December 1229
Dating Notes
Day of St Nicholas's Day in the year that Earl Malcolm of Fife died; Bishop Hugh still alive
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villa de Mellginge
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Holyrood Liber, App. II, no. 13
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Holy. Lib., App. II, no. 13
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