People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/51/5 (Pais. Reg., 163)

Dubgall, rector of the church of (Old) Kilpatrick (DNB), brother of Sir Maldoven, earl of Lennox, has given, granted and by his charter established to Paisley Abbey all the land called Edinbarnet (DNB), in pure and perpetual alms, which land he grants and recognises to pertain by right to the church of Kilpatrick; he wishes and grants that the said land remain with them in perpetuity; and the quitclaim, which the monks had granted to him of that land, or any other charter which makes mention of the same land is of no importance or strength.
Firm date
circa 1234 X 1239
Dating Notes
Around time of judges-delegates' inquiry (6 May 1234; _Pais. Reg._, 164-66) × confirmation of lands by earl of Lennox (March 1239) (_Pais. Reg._, 160-62)
Source for Data Entry
Paisley Registrum, 163
Trad. ID
Pais. Reg., 163
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