People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/10/2 (SEA, i, no. 116)

Robert, bishop of St Andrews; in presence of King David, Thurstan, archbishop of York, Ranulf, bishop of Durham, John, bishop of Glasgow, Geoffrey, abbot of St Albans, he summoned Algar, prior of Durham, before the door in church of St John the Evangelist in Roxburgh, and he has claimed, granted and established church of Coldingham (BWK) to be free and quit from all claim, custom, cain, conveth and all service pertaining to bishop and his successors. He wishes that church of Coldingham and all churches and chapels which formerly belonged to church of St Cuthbert [Durham Cathedral Priory] shall be free and quit from all episcopal aid, cain and conveth so that they shall be more free and quit than any other churches of abbeys in Lothian. He prohibits any bishop, archdeacon or dean to demand any kind of custom or aid. He has done all this at request and by advice of King David and bishops.
Firm date
17 July 1127
Dating Notes
16 kal. Aug., on the feast of St Kenelmus the martyr, 1127
Place date (modern)
Roxburgh (St John the Evangelist's)
Place date (document)
ecclesie Sancti Iohannis ewangeliste in Rokesburc
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Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 116
Trad. ID
SEA, i, no. 116
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Original (contemporary)

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