People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/8/1 (SEA, i, no. 113)

Richard, bishop of Moray, for William, son of Freskin; has granted 'Logynanedal' and 'Le Logyndykis' with all lands which rightfully belong to those places, rendering one stone of wax at feast of St Patrick. He has also granted and by the same charter established to church of St Peter of Duffus (MOR) and Andrew, persona, bishop's clerk, full teinds of that land in perpetual alms, as charter of Bishop Simon attests.
Firm date
15 March 1187 X 1203
Probable date
possibly 1190
Dating Notes
Consecration × death of Bishop Richard of Moray; possibly 1190 as date given 'miic2 xc. etc.' (1290), perhaps an error for 1190
Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 113
Trad. ID
SEA, i, no. 113
Calendar number
Charter type
Bishop Simon's charter now lost

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