People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/56/13 (Foedera, II, ii, 888)

Edward, king of Scots, noting the 2,000 librates of land in southern Scotland which he owes the king of England, gives his lord and cousin, Lord Edward, king of England the castles, towns, and counties of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Roxburgh, the town, castle and forest of Jedburgh, the town and county of Selkirk, the forests of Selkirk and Ettrick, the town, castle and county of Edinburgh, with the constabularies of Haddington and Linlithgow, the town and county of Peebles, and the town, castle and county of Dumfries, separated from the royal dignity and crown of Scotland forever.
Firm date
12 June 1334
Place date (modern)
Newcastle upon Tweed
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
Foedera, II, ii, 888
Trad. ID
Foedera, II, ii, 888
Calendar number
Charter type
Document type notes
Beam, no. 30
Original (contemporary)
TNA, E 39/99/40, E39/2/48, E39/31, E39/93/7;CDS, iii, no. 1127

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