People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/56/3 (Foedera, II, ii, 847-8)

Edward, king of Scotland, noting that the kingdom of Scotland and its islands are and must be held of the kings of England by homage, liege and fealty, and noting that the debate after the death of King Alexander III was tried by King Edward I of England and decided for his father, who made homage to the king of England, and that by the favour of Edward III, king of England, lord of Ireland and duke of Aquitaine, and with the help of those dispossessed by the heirs of Lord Robert Bruce (i.e., the Competitor), has come into the kingdom of Scotland as his heritage, as crowned king of Scotland and the isles, with the assent of the prelates, earls, barons, knights and all others there, and he wills and concedes that £2,000 librates of land be given to the king of England be assigned, given and delivered, including the town, castle and county of Berwick. These lands will be severed from the royal dignity and crown of Scotland for all time. And he obligates himself to the king of England to provide 200 men at arms at his expense when the king of England orders, and his heirs and successors to provide 100 men at arms. And he shall take Joan, sister of the king of England, in marriage, for a dowry of 500 librates of land within three months' time of the marriage; and he will pay £10,000 if he does not take her as wife; and he will provide for the estate of David Bruce; all of this on a surety of £10,000.
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23 November 1332
Dating Notes
23 Nov., AD 1332, and regnal year 1
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Foedera, II, ii, 847-8
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Foedera, II, ii, 847-8
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Letters patent
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Beam, Balliol Dynasty, App. D, no. 12
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