People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: ROX (Roxburghshire) >> Longnewton

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Name Floruits Related place
Chapel of Longnewton 1127 × 1151 Longnewton
Thomas, vicar of Longnewton 1249 × 1249 Longnewton

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Agreement between Durham Cathedral Priory and William Malveisin, bishop of St Andrews, over the chapel of Longnewton (ROX) no
unavailable Grant of the chapels of Longnewton and Nenthorn, free from the mother church fo Ednam no
unavailable Gift of land in Longnewton no
unavailable Agreement over churches of Nenthorn and Newton (BWK) no
unavailable Grant of churches of Nenthorn and Longnewton (BWK) no
undated Gift of one acre in Longnewton (ROX), held in 'Brokislawe' yes
unavailable Gift (assigning) of acre of land in 'Brokislawe' (ROX) no
unavailable Forfeiture of baronies of Nesbit, Longnewton and Maxton, and Caverton (ROX) no
10 Nov. 1150 X 1162 Gift of half ploughgate in Longnewton (ROX) west of Derestreet yes
6 Jan. 1161 X 13 Sept. 1162 Confirmation of teinds, rights and chapels to church of Ednam yes Adam of Dunbar; Aldred, dean of Roxburgh (fl.1124×31-1161×62); Andrew, archdeacon of Lothian (fl.1147×59-1178×84); Gamel, dean of Fogo (fl.1150×62); Herbert Scott, master, clerk (fl.1144×59-1172×78); Herbert, bishop of Glasgow (d.1164); Herbert, brother of Robert the clerk; Joce, priest of Stichill; John, abbot of Kelso (d.1180); Merlin, master (fl.1161×62-1189×1203); Nigel, priest; Osbert, abbot of Jedburgh (d.1174); Robert of Perth, son of Saewulf, bishops' chancellor; Robert, clerk (St Andrews); Thomas, master, physician (fl.1144-1178×89); Thorald, archdeacon of Lothian (d.1163 or 1166); William, scribe
25 Mar. 1177 X 24 Mar. 1178 Agreement between Dryburgh Abbey and Jedburgh Abbey yes
25 Mar. 1177 X 24 Mar. 1178 Agreement between Jedburgh Abbey and Dryburgh Abbey yes
10 May 1184 Grant of a privilege of protection, confirming possessions, rights, and immunities yes
17 Aug. 1204 Agreement between the Bishop of St Andrews and Durham Cathedral Priory, over cain, conveth, procurations, etc. in the diocese of St Andrews yes Andrew Murray, master; Brice Douglas, bishop of Moray (d.1222); Guy, abbot of Lindores (d.1219); Henry, abbot of Arbroath (fl.1179-1207); Hugh de Mortimer, prior of May (fl.1198×1206); Hugh, king's chaplain (TRW); Isaac Scott, master, clerk; John of Wilton; John, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1207); Laurence of Thornton, archdeacon of St Andrews (d.1238×40); Patrick, abbot of Dunfermline (fl.1202-17×1223); Richard de Prebenda, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1210); Richard, master (TRW); Robert Hay, clerk (son of William); Saer de Quincy, earl of Winchester (d.1219); Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona; Walter, abbot of Holyrood (d.1217 or 1218); William of Binile
17 Aug. 1204 X 1213 Grant that the chapel of Longnewton (ROX) be free and quit from all subjection and pension of the mother church of Ednam yes Chapter of Durham Cathedral
20 Nov. 1208 X 8 Dec. 1211 * Gift (agreement) of half ploughgate in Longnewton (ROX) with common pasture yes
23 Oct. 1220 Agreement between Bishop Walter and chapter of Glasgow, and Peter, abbot of Jedburgh and his chapter, over dignities, liberties, etc. yes
8 Jun. 1229 Confirmation of possessions of Dryburgh Abbey yes
Aug. 1320 X 9 Apr. 1327 Gift of baronies of Eckford, Nisbet, Longnewton, Maxton and Caverton (ROX) yes David Lindsay (IV) of Crawford, knight (d. x1357); Henry Sinclair, knight (d.c.1330); James Douglas, lord of Douglas (d.1330); John of Menteith (I), knight ; Patrick (V), earl of Dunbar/March and Moray (d.1369); Robert Keith, marischal (d.1343); Robert of Lauder, justiciar of Lothian; Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray (d. 1332); William of Lamberton, bishop of St Andrews (d.1328)
unavailable Donation in Longnewton (ROX) no
unavailable Gift of teinds of mill of Longnewton (ROX) no
unavailable Gift of teinds of mills of Longnewton (ROX) and Nenthorn (BWK) no
unavailable Gift of teinds of mill of Longnewton (ROX) no
28 Mar. 1165 X 1178 Confirmation of possessions of Dryburgh Abbey yes
1173 X 1182 Gift of 'Neutun' yes Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204); Gilbert or Gilla Brigte, earl of Strathearn (d.1223); Philip de Valognes, chamberlain (d.1215); Ralph de Clare; Richard de Moreville (d.1189 or 1190); Roger de Valognes; Walter of Windsor; Walter Oliphant (I), justice; Waltheof, earl of Dunbar (d.1182); William Hay (I), lord of Errol (d.c.1201); William Lindsay (II) (d.c.1205)
15 Mar. 1196 Confirmation of certain possessions, liberties, and immunities yes
1209 X 22 Jul. 1211 Renewal of possessions of Dryburgh Abbey yes
18 Jul. 1281 Renewal of teinds of mill of Longnewton (ROX) yes