People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Patrick, abbot of Dunfermline (fl.1202-17×1223)

Watt and Shead, Heads, 68: Patrick was sub-prior of Durham when he succeeded as abbot of Dunfermline in '1202'. He occurs 1217×23 and died on 17 September, though the year is unknown.
1204 × 1217
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Patrick, abbot of Dunfermline
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Donation of land of Balwearie (FIF) Grantor 1/6/418 (RRS, ii, no. 451)
unavailable Appointment of papal judges delegate Appointee 4/32/19 (Melr. Lib., no. 133)
unavailable Appointment of judges-delegate by Pope Innocent III Appointee 4/32/16 (Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 3)
1202 X 1223 Gift of land west of church of Perth Grantor Chapter of Dunfermline Abbey 2/71/6 (Dunf. Reg., no. 304)
1202 X 1223 Gift of toft of Dunfermline Abbey in villa of Perth Grantor 2/71/7 (Dunf. Reg., no. 305)
1 Mar., 1202 X 1206 Confirmation of land of Balwearie (FIF) Sicut Clause Adam, son of Herbert de Camera; Alexander, son of Thor, sheriff of Clackmannan; Herbert de Camera; John of Stirling, knight, sheriff of Stirling; Nicholas, master, physician; Richard Revel, lord of Coultra (d.1215×25); William del Bois, chancellor (d.1232); William, chaplain (II) of King William (c.1196-1214) 1/6/418 (RRS, ii, no. 451)
20 Sept. 1202 X 11 Apr. 1206 Settlement of dispute between Ranulf, archdeacon of St Andrews and Hugh, steward and Jordan, nepos Judge Adam, master (TRW); Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242); Edward Murray, master, canon, bishop's clerk; Eutrope, dispenser (St Andrews); Gilbert Breton/ Brito; Hugh of Nydie (II), puer of Bishop Malveisin; Isaac Scott, master, clerk; John of Haltwhistle, clerk; John of London (?d.a.1190); John, marischal (early13C); Peter, chaplain and clerk of Bishop Malveisin; Peter, puer of Bishop Malveisin; Ralph Niger, dean of Lothian (fl.1214×27-35×38); Robert of Calder, puer of Bishop Malveisin; Simon de Noisy, clerk of Bishop William of St Andrews; Simon of St Andrews, master (fl.1199/1200-1212×18); Simon, clerk (in St Andrews); St Andrews Cathedral Priory; Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona; Thomas, prior of St Andrews (fl.1199-1211); William of Brechin, chaplain; William of Crail, dean of Fife/Crail; William of Gullane, rector of Gullane; William, chaplain of Dairsie; William, son of Lambin 4/32/16 (Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 3)
21 May 1203 X Jun. 1208 Statement that an agreement has been made Addressee 2/10/143 (ND, App., no. 474)
17 Aug. 1204 Agreement between the Bishop of St Andrews and Durham Cathedral Priory, over cain, conveth, procurations, etc. in the diocese of St Andrews Sealer Andrew Murray, master; Brice Douglas, bishop of Moray (d.1222); Guy, abbot of Lindores (d.1219); Henry, abbot of Arbroath (fl.1179-1207); Hugh de Mortimer, prior of May (fl.1198×1206); Hugh, king's chaplain (TRW); Isaac Scott, master, clerk; John of Wilton; John, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1207); Laurence of Thornton, archdeacon of St Andrews (d.1238×40); Patrick, abbot of Dunfermline (fl.1202-17×1223); Richard de Prebenda, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1210); Richard, master (TRW); Robert Hay, clerk (son of William); Saer de Quincy, earl of Winchester (d.1219); Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona; Walter, abbot of Holyrood (d.1217 or 1218); William of Binile 4/4/6 (ND, App., no. 477)
11 Apr. 1206 Decreet of Synod of Perth in case between William, bishop of St Andrews, and Duncan of Arbuthnott named person (transaction) 4/36/1 (Spald. Misc., v, 207-13)
28 Mar. 1207 Confirmation of protection and previous possessions, adding churches of Moulin and Strathardle (PER) Beneficiary 2/137/41 (Dunf. Reg., no. 245)
12 Jun. 1207 Appointment of papal judges-delegate Appointee 2/137/49 (Melr. Lib., no. 133A)
17 Jun. 1208 X 1209 Settlement of case between Melrose Abbey and William, knight of Hownam Judge Acontius, master, subdeacon and papal chaplain; Adam of Perth, master, canon of Dunkeld (d.p.1210); Alan of Crichton, master (fl.1198×1211); Elias, monk of Coldingham; Henry of St Andrews, master (fl.1202×07-1210×16); Henry, abbot of Kelso (d.1218); Henry, archdeacon of Dunkeld (fl.1183×1203-1220×25); Hugh, monk of Kelso; John of Leicester, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1214); Laurence of Thornton, archdeacon of St Andrews (d.1238×40); Michael of Makerstoun; Michael, master, clerk, chaplain (fl.1201-1220×25); Richard Murray, master (fl.1204-27); Richard Nanus (le Nain); Richard of Coxwald; Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona; Thomas Colville 'Scot', lord of Keresban (d.1219); Thomas, canon of Newsome; Walter of St Albans, bishop of Glasgow (d.1232); Walter, canon of Dryburgh; Walter, monk of Dunfermline; Walter, monk of Kelso ; William Malveisin, bishop of St Andrews (d.1238); William of Ednam, master, archdeacon of Dunkeld (d.1251×57); William, clerk of Alan of Crichton; William, monk of Coldingham 4/32/19 (Melr. Lib., no. 133)
29 Jul. 1211 Appointment of papal judges-delegate named person (transaction) 2/137/64 (Dunf. Reg., no. 211A)
31 May 1212 X 31 May 1212 Settlement concerning the church of Inverkeithing Party 1 Ermengarde de Beaumont, queen of Scots (d.1233); William Malveisin, bishop of St Andrews (d.1238) 4/32/24 (Dunf. Reg., no. 211)
28 Mar. 1216 Prohibition of granting benefices which would diminish rights Addressee 2/137/84 (Dunf. Reg., no. 254)