People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

William of Cunningham/Lothian, master (fl.1239-51)

Watt, Graduates, 136-37: William was probably from Cunningham (AYR), in which county he held the church of Kilmaurs from 17 September 1245. He was Master by 1239 and was given the rights to Kilmaurs church for life in March 1246. William probably held another (unknown) benefice in Lothian. He may have been the Master William who appeared in a case concerning the vicarage of Haddington circa 1235×38, and had acted as arbiter in a dispute in the presence of Otto, papal legate, at Kelso in October/November 1239. He may also have been a proctor (as William of Lothian) at Perugia on 23 July 1252. He is not found after that date.
1238 × 1251
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