People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Simon Wallace, master, official of St Andrews

Watt and Murray, Fasti, 418: Simon Walens (Wallace) occurs on 29 January 1267 as official of St Andrews. Watt, Graduates, 562: Simon's surname (Walens) could be Vallance or Wallace, probably the latter. Cf. Simon Bell and Simon of Kinross. He was Master by 1266/7. He was also a canon of Dunkeld and rector of Kilspindie by 1270. He obtained the office of official of St Andrews after 5 June 1262 and may have held this until the death of Bishop Gamelin in 1271. He died after 1275. Watt also notes that according to Blind Hary, Kilspindie in Gowrie was where William Wallace allegedly stayed with his aged uncle when he was a boy - could Simon have been his uncle?
1267 × 1270
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St Andrews

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