People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Saint John

1122 × 1278
Grantor Beneficiary relationships
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
1114 X Jul. 1122 Foundation of Scone Priory and grant of possessions Beneficiary Aelfric, butler (king's); Cospatric, son of Waltheof; Edward, son of Siward, constable; Uviet, lord of Traverlen (Duddingston); William, brother of Queen Sybilla 1/3/4 (Scone Lib., no. 1)
1140 X 1200 Grant of 2 oxgangs in Lochore (FIF) and common pasture Beneficiary 3/357/1 (Barrow, SHR 77, 254)
1200 Gift of teinds, licence to fish and hunt Beneficiary Anecol, thane of Dunning; Constantine, judex of Strathearn; Ferteth, son of Earl Gilbert of Strathearn (d.c.1208); Gilla na Náem, steward of Earl Gilbert; John Scott, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1203); Jonathan, bishop of Dunblane (d.1209/10); Malise, son of Ferteth earl of Strathearn (d.a.1214); Matilda d'Aubigny, countess of Strathearn; Rainbald, abbot of Scone (fl.1198-1206); W., canon of Scone; William, son of Earl Gilbert of Strathearn (d.c.1208) 3/21/8 (Neville, Strathearn, no. 13)
Mar. 1227 Gift of teinds within parish of Abertarff (INV) Beneficiary Andrew of Binnie, canon of Moray/Elgin; Henry, master, treasurer, chancellor of Moray; Ralph, chaplain of Moray; Richard Murray, precentor of Moray (fl.1226-30); Robert, treasurer of Moray (fl.1230-63); Simon (de Gunby), bishop of Moray (d.1251); Simon, chaplain of Moray; William, canon of Moray, master 2/8/23 (Beauly Chrs., no. 3)
Mar. 1227 X 1235 Gift of church of Abertarff (INV) Beneficiary Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242); Bartholomew Fleming, knight; Bridín, chaplain; Gilla Andréis mac Isaac ; Godfrey, arblaster (crossbowman); Henry, cook (INV); Hugh Corbet; Hugh, son of Augustine of Moray, knight (LAN); Ivo, hunter (INV); John Bisset; John, chaplain (13C); Ralph, chaplain of Bishop Andrew of Moray; Ranulf, archdeacon of Moray; Simon (de Gunby), bishop of Moray (d.1251) 3/90/5 (Beauly Chrs., no. 2)
25 Mar. 1233 X 24 Mar. 1234 Confirmation of the gifts of King Alexander Beneficiary Alexander Douglas, sheriff of Elgin, serviens of the bishop of Moray; Andrew Wiseman, serviens; John Bernard, clerk of Bishop Andrew of Moray; John Black, clerk of Bishop Andrew of Moray; John of Berwick, master, clerk of Bishop Andrew of Moray; William Griffin, master, clerk of Bishop Andrew of Moray; William of Duffus, precentor of Moray; William, bishop of Argyll (d.1241) 2/8/30 (Pluscarden, App. H)
circa 1270 X 1307 Quitclaim of land of 'Ochterwaddale' (Upper or Wester Tarradale, ROS) Beneficiary Alan, brother of Andrew Murray; Andrew Murray, knight, justiciar, lord of Petty and Avoch; Búachaill Beg ; Duncan Duff ; Isaac mac Gilla Andréis; John, son of Christian MacGillon; William (II), earl of Sutherland (d.1306/7) 3/301/1 (Beauly Chrs., no. 6)
6 Dec. 1272 * Gift (agreement) of land lying between two mills of Elgin Beneficiary 4/21/7 (Familie of Innes, 54-6)
Friday 16 Sept. 1278 Gift of two marks at the New Castle of 'Eddyrdor' (Redcastle, ROS) Beneficiary Colin Gove, constable of Tarradale; Duncan, chancellor of Ross (fl.1278); Isaac mac Gilla Andréis; John, dean of Ross (fl.1278); John, son of Christian MacGillon; Robert of Fyvie, bishop of Ross (d.a.1295); Robert of Rolloc (? Pollok); Stephen, son of Geoffrey the miller; William (II), earl of Ross (d.1323); William Hay (IV), lord of Borthwick (son of John); William, master, succentor of Ross; William, vicar of Eddyrdor (Redcastle) 3/93/4 (Beauly Chrs., no. 7)