People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Seal-Matrix: William de Vescy (d.1183)

William de Vescy (I) (d.1183)
Matrix Shape
Image description (obverse)
Single-sided seal depicting a shield bearing arms of a cross *patonce*, surrounded by three antique oval gem impressions depicting a dolphin, a galley, and Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf.
Image description (reverse)
Legend (obverse)
+ SIGILLVM WILELMI DE VESCI (“Seal of William de Vesci”).
Legend (reverse)
Dimensions: approx. 2 in. diameter. SW III, p.638 (not noting the Durham occurrence, which confirms that this seal, which was appended to a charter issued by William for Melrose Abbey, and witnessed by his brother, also William de Vescy, was the first William’s seal). Its unusual design is striking. Durham 2540 (with faint gem impressions).