People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: ERA

Type of Transaction
From Source
5/3/0 (Foedera, i, II, 898-9)
Firm date
19 August 1298

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
undefined (transaction) Boniface VIII, pope (d.1303) 1295 × 1302
undefined (transaction) Caeni Phili de Santo Nicasio
undefined (transaction) James called Grassi de Vertellis
undefined (transaction) Edward I, king of England (d.1307) 1274 × 1312
undefined (transaction) William de Beaufort, master
undefined (transaction) John de Forest
undefined (transaction) Clement de Saux
undefined (transaction) Philip IV, king of France (1285-1314) 1295 × 1309
undefined (transaction) John Lovell, master
undefined (transaction) John Sclueston, master
undefined (transaction) Dauphin of Vienne
undefined (transaction) Amadeus, count of Savoy (d. 1323)
undefined (transaction) Jean Jacques de Bayonne
undefined (transaction) Roger Chaunterel de Pontaudonner
undefined (transaction) Peter Ascorgii
undefined (transaction) William le Borgne
undefined (transaction) Martin de Carado
undefined (transaction) Arnold Sancii
undefined (transaction) Michael Laors
undefined (transaction) Jacques de Porra
undefined (transaction) Giles de St Adegund
undefined (transaction) William Ledicet
undefined (transaction) John Boncefaut
undefined (transaction) G. Laugardin
undefined (transaction) G. Boissio
undefined (transaction) Jacques le Fol
undefined (transaction) Simon de Melun
undefined (transaction) Guy de Sailly
undefined (transaction) John Balliol, king of Scots (d.1314) 1284 × 1302
undefined (transaction) Patrick (IV), earl of Dunbar/March (d.1308) 1286 × 1307
undefined (transaction) Gilbert de Umfraville, earl of Angus (d.1307) 1270 × 1296
undefined (transaction) John of Beverly, master
undefined (transaction) Adolf, king of the Romans (d.1298)
undefined (transaction) William, archbishop of Dublin
undefined (transaction) John de Berohic, clerk
undefined (transaction) Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke (d.1324) 1301 × 1307
undefined (transaction) Henry, earl of Leicester
undefined (transaction) Thomas of Lancaster, earl of Lancaster, Lincoln and Leicester (d.1322) 1298 × 1307
undefined (transaction) G. of Gloucester
undefined (transaction) Unknown, marischal of Hereford
undefined (transaction) John, duke of Brittany, earl of Richmond (d.1305) 1301 × 1307
undefined (transaction) John de Burro, knight
undefined (transaction) Thomas de Forest, master
undefined (transaction) William de Fonquerellis