People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Settlement of bounds between Grange of Kirkgunzeon and land of Colvend (KCB)

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/39/9 (Caerlaverock, no. 8)
Firm date
17 January 1289
Dating Notes
in the year of the Lord 1289, on the vigil of [the feast of] blessed Peter the Apostle in the chair [18 Jan.]

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Party 1 Robert, abbot of Holm Cultram Roberto Lord Robert, abbot of Holm [Cultram] 1289 × 1298
Party 2 Thomas, son of Gilbert of Colvend Thoma filio [...] Gilberti de Culwenn Sir Thomas son of Sir Gilbert of Colvend 1289 × 1289
Perambulator Robert, abbot of Holm Cultram 1289 × 1298
Perambulator Thomas, son of Gilbert of Colvend 1289 × 1289
Perambulator Michael, son of Durand Michaele filio Durandi Michael son of Durand 1273 × 1280
Perambulator Walter, son of Michael son of Durand Waltero filio eius Walter his son 1280 × 1280
Perambulator Adam of Colvend Adamo de Culwenn Adam of Colvend 1296 × 1296
Perambulator Patrick mac Guffog Patricio Maccoffoc Patrick mac Guffog
Perambulator Patrick mac Gilla Baíthín Patricio Magilboythin Patrick McGiloytin 1296 × 1304
Perambulator Thomas, son of Patrick mac Gilla Baíthín Thoma filio eius Thomas his son
Perambulator Thomas of Arbigland Thoma de Arbygland Thomas of Arbigland 1278 × 1304
Perambulator Hugh of Urr Hugone de Hurr Hugh of Urr 1278 × 1304
Perambulator Gilla Asaild mac Guffog Gillasald Maccoffoc Gilla Asaild mac Guffog
Perambulator Gilchrist mac Carnacháin Gilchristo Mackarnachan Gilchrist Mac Karnachan
Perambulator Achyne Marlsele Achyne Marlsele Achyne Marlsele
Perambulator Monc mac Gilherine Monc Macgilherine Monc Mac Gilherine