People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Extent of the lands of Duncan, earl of Fife, minor

Type of Transaction
Extent of lands
From Source
4/39/11 (PNF, v, App. 2 (2))
Firm date
16 February 1294 X 16 February 1295

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
undefined (transaction) Walter of Cambo, keeper of Fife Walteri de Cambhow Walter of Cambo keeper of the lands, etc. 1294 × 1306
undefined (transaction) Duncan (IV), earl of Fife (d.1353) Dunkani filii quondam comitis de Fyf’ Duncan son of the late earl of Fife 1306 × 1352
undefined (transaction) John Balliol, king of Scots (d.1314) regem Scocie king of Scotland 1284 × 1302
undefined (transaction) Gilpedus of Urquhart Gylpedy de Hurchardyn Gilpedus of Urquhart
undefined (transaction) Unknown, wife of Gilpedus of Urquhart uxoris illius felonis wife of the said felon
undefined (transaction) Unknown, mair (FIF) unius mar<i> one mair
undefined (transaction) Adam Ramsay Ade de Rameseya Adam of Ramsay 1296 × 1310
undefined (transaction) Dony (in FIF) Dony Dony
undefined (transaction) Elias of Kymmoke Elye Elias
undefined (transaction) William Soulis, knight, justiciar of Lothian (d.1292/3) Willelmi de Soules William de Soules 1277 × 1292
undefined (transaction) Nicholas Soulis, knight (d.1296) Nich<olau>s filius et heres Willelmi de Sules Nicholas the son and heir of William de Soules 1291 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Nicholas Ramsay Nich<ola>i de Rameseya Nicholas de Ramsay
undefined (transaction) Joan, wife of William Ramsay sponse Willelmi de Rameseya spouse of William of Ramsay
undefined (transaction) Milo, mair (Fife) Milone Milo the mair
undefined (transaction) William Spillmalt Willelmo Spilmalt William Spilmalt
undefined (transaction) John Scott (de Monethy), master, rector of schools Johannis Scoti Master John Scott 1285 × 1285
undefined (transaction) William Fraser, bishop of St Andrews (d.1297) Episcopo sancti Andr<ee> bishop of St Andrews 1271 × 1296
undefined (transaction) Matthew of Crambeth, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1309) episcopo Dunkeldens<i> bishop of Dunkeld 1288 × 1308
undefined (transaction) Helen, countess of Mar Elene Helen countess of Mar
undefined (transaction) Joan of Balfarg Johanne de Balmagharg Joanna of Balfarg
undefined (transaction) Unknown, judge (FIF) Iudici judge giving judgments for the year
undefined (transaction) Unknown, constable of Cupar Constabulario castri de Cupro constable of the castle of Cupar
undefined (transaction) Unknown, forester in Cupar Forestario et custodi more forester and guardian of the muir
undefined (transaction) Unknown, granger (FIF) Gernetario granger
undefined (transaction) John Fattal Johanni Fattal John Fattal
undefined (transaction) Unknown, gardeners of Rathillet and Balfarg Gardenar<iis> de Rathuly et de Balmagharg gardeners of Rathillet and Balfarg
undefined (transaction) Unknown, woman in Abernethy mulieri de Ab<er>nithy certain woman of Abernethy
undefined (transaction) Hospital of Uthrogle (FIF) Hospit<ali> de Utrogeuall’ hospital of Uthrogle
undefined (transaction) William Bisset, knight (late 13C) Willelmo Byset Sir William Bisset 1266 × 1304
undefined (transaction) Unknown, steward I (FIF) cuidem seniscallo tenenti curias dicti comitatus certain steward who holds the courts of the said earldom

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF Mountquhanie terre de Monwanyn Mountquhanie
FIF (Fife) chattels of Gilpedus of Urquhart catellis Gylpedy de Hurchardyn Urquhart
FIF Clatto terra de Clatty Clatto
FIF Balbirnie terra de Balbrenny Balbirnie
FIF (Fife) Kymmoke terra de Kynmock’ Kilmux
KNR (Kinross-shire) land of William Soulis in Tullibole terra que fuit Willelmi de Soules de Tolybotheuille Tullibole
FIF (Fife) ward of Gospetry warda de Kilcospardyn Gospetry
FIF (Fife) land of Nicholas Ramsay terre Nich<ola>i de Rameseya Unmapped (FIF)
FIF (Fife) land of William Spilmalt terre sue [de Willelmo Spilmalt] Unmapped (FIF)
FIF (Fife) Monethy terra de Monethy Unmapped (FIF)
MOR (Moray) Aberbrandly terra de Aberbra<n>daly in comitatu de Elgyn Knockando
MLO Earl's Calder (Calder-Comitis) terrarum de Caldor com<itis> Earl's Calder (Calder-Comitis)
FIF (Fife) castle of Cupar castrum de Cupro Cupar
FIF (Fife) manor of Rathillet manerii de Rathuly Rathillet
FIF (Fife) meadow of Auchtermuchty prato de Utremokedy Auchtermuchty
FIF (Fife) land of unknown woman in Abernethy firma sua [Cuidam mulieri de Ab<er>nithy] Abernethy

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
PER (Perthshire) teinds of cain in Abernethy (PER) cano de Abb<er>nythi Abernethy