People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Renewal of land given to church of Lessudden (ROX)

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/358/4 (Dryb. Lib., no. 59)
Firm date
24 May 1153 X
Probable date
poss. ×1172
Dating Notes
Thomas of London’s charter above (3/358/1), possibly around the same time as Robert’s other charters
in (free, pure and/or perpetual) alms
Tenendas original language
in puram et liberam elemosinam
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro anima); Any Spiritual Benefit; Father (pro anima); Mother (pro anima); Self (pro salute anime); Successors (pro anima)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Robert of London, son of Richard of London Robertus de Londonia Robert of London 1153 × 1185
Beneficiary Church of Lessudden ecclesie sancte Marie de Lessedewyn church of St Mary of Lessudden 1153 × 1153