People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Resignation of 8 acres of land in the territory of Coldingham

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/156/2 (ND, App., no. 273)
Firm date
Sunday 29 December 1280
Dating Notes
Sunday next after the feast of the Holy Innocents, AD 1280
Corroboration / sealing
Some information taken from the catalogue entry of Durham University Library Special Collections

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Ralph, messenger, son of Alan, granger of Coldingham Radulphus Nuncius filius Alani Grangiar' de Coldingham Ralph Messenger, son of Alan Granger of Coldingham 1280 × 1296
in the presence of Peter of Mordington, son of Peter of Mordington Petri de Morindon Peter of Mordington, son and heir of Sir Peter of Mordington 1293 × 1293
in the presence of Philip of Linton Phi' de Lintona Philip of Linton, constable of Berwick 1281 × 1296
in the presence of Adam of Lumsdaine Ad' de Lummesdene Adam of Lumsdaine 1250 × 1296
in the presence of Gilbert of Lumsdaine Gilberti de Lummesdene Gilbert of Lumsdaine 1234 × 1285
in the presence of Thomas, son of Robert the steward Thom' fil' Roberti senescalli de Coldingham Thomas, son of Robert the Steward of Coldingham 1221 × 1283
in the presence of Robert of Mordington Roberti de Mordington Robert of Mordington 1276 × 1285
in the presence of Robert, hopper of Coldingham Roberti Hopper Robert, hopper 1250 × 1280
Beneficiary Henry of Horncastre, prior of Coldingham (fl.1276-96) domino priori de Coldingham the lord prior of Coldingham 1276 × 1296
Beneficiary Coldingham Priory (fd.1139) ... convent of Coldingham 1107 × 1368
named person (transaction) Durham Cathedral Priory prioris de conuentus Dunelm' the prior and convent of Durham 1095 × 1327
Previous landholder Stephen Stampard Stephanus Stampard Stephen Stampard 1263 × 1276

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
BWK 6 acres of land called 'Beneflat' sex acras terre simul iacentes in cultura que uocatur Beneflat Coldingham
Unknown place or county 2 acres of land near 'Wydopinedn' and above 'Homkernoll' duas acras iacentes iuxta Wydopinedn et super Homkernoll quas Stephanus Stampard quondam tenuit