People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Relationship: ? Son of Alpin (? father of Gilla Muire) (Familial relationship)

Gilla Muire mac Ailpín
From Source
4/39/6 (Dunf. Reg., no. 332)
Firm date
circa 1220 X circa 1250
Dating Notes
Robert de la Haye and William of Blair are the only named individuals who can be dated fairly firmly. Robert de la Haye was a younger brother of Sir David de la Haye, lord of Errol, who was sheriff of Perth at various points in the 1220s and 1240s, and who made an agreement with Coupar Angus Abbey anent Airlie church in 1220 (<em>C.A. Chrs.</em>, no. 26). Robert was witness to Alexander II’s grand confirmation to Dunfermline Abbey in 1227 (1/7/145; <em>RRS</em>, iii, no. 117; <em>Dunf. Reg.</em>, no. 74). One or more individuals named William of Blair witnessed charters starting in 1204×13 (_Dunf. Reg._, no. 144) until at least 1260 (_St And. Lib._, 346), with a greater concentration from the 1220s to 1240s (Laing Charters, no. 6; _Scone Lib._, nos. 95, 118; _Moray Reg._, no. 62; _Dunf. Reg._, no. 179; _St And. Lib._, 44, 282, 393).

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
subject (relationship) Gilla Muire mac Ailpín 1220 × 1220
object (relationship) Alpin (? father of Gilla Muire)