People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Renewal of churches in Annandale and Cleveland

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/106/26 (Guis. Cart., no. 1179)
Firm date
circa 1242 X 31 March 1295
Probable date
prob. circa 1260 × 31/Mar/1295
Dating Notes
Majority × death of Robert (V) de Brus; probable date suggested by Blakely based on witnesses
in (free, pure and/or perpetual) alms
Tenendas original language
lib. et quiet. et pur. et perp. elem.
Sicut clause
Previous mentions of charter
Corroboration / sealing
Spiritual Benefits
Ancestors (pro anima); Any Spiritual Benefit; Children (pro salute anime); Father (pro anima); Mother (pro anima); Self (pro salute anime); Wife (pro salute anime)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Robert Bruce V, lord of Annandale (d.1295) Robertus filius Roberti de Brus Robert, son of Robert de Brus, lord of Annandale 1237 × 1294
Beneficiary Guisborough Priory Ecclesiae S. M. de Gysebur' church of St Mary of Guisborough 1147 × 1292

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
John Bulmer, knight Johanne de Bulmer Sir John of Bulmer, knight 1242 × 1295 1
John de Romundeby, knight Johanne de Romundeby Sir John de Romundeby, knight 1245 × 1245 2
John, son of Marmaduke de Thweng, knight Johanne filio Marmedoci Sir John son of Marmaduke, knight 1279 × 1308 3
Adam Seton, knight Ada de Setona Sir Adam of Seton, knight 1211 × 1242 4
Roger of Kirkpatrick, knight Rogero de Kyrkepatric Sir Roger of Kirkpatrick, knight 1211 × 1245 5
William Wishart, knight Willelmo Wychard Sir William Wishart, knight 1242 × 1295 6
William Bruce (son of William) Willelmo de Brus William de Bruce 1219 × 1245 7
Adam of Kirkcudbright, master, physician (d.1294/5) Ada de Kykecuthbrith Master Adam of Kirkcudbright 1242 × 1272 8
William, son of Richard son of Saer Willelmo filio Ricardo filio Seyri William son of Richard son of Saer 1242 × 1295 9
Richard de Romundeby Ricardo de Romundeby Richard de Romundeby 1242 × 1295 10
John of Redmarshall Johanne de Redmershyl John of Redmarshall 1292 × 1295 11

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Annan Ecclesiam de Anand' Annan
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Lochmaben Ecclesiam de Logmaben Lochmaben
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Kirkpatrick Fleming Ecclesiam de Kyrkepatric Kirkpatrick-Fleming
DMF (Dumfriesshire) chapel of Logan Capella de Logan Chapel of Logan
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Rainpatrick Ecclesiam de Raynpatric Rainpatrick (Redkirk)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Cummertrees Ecclesiam de Cumbertres Cummertrees
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Gretna Ecclesiam de Gretenhow Gretna
England church of Hart Ecclesiam de hert Cleveland
England chapel of St Hilda of Hartlepool Capella S Hyldae de Herterpoll' Hartlepool
England church of Stranton Ecclesiam de Strantona Cleveland